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Tips for Buying a Suit Online
Choosing a reputable company.

There are several companies online selling men’s suits and the choices can be confusing. But you must make sure you are buying from a reputable company first. There are plenty of ways to spot non-reputable companies online. Here are some tips:

1. Secured checkout.
Another way to ensure safe web shopping is to make sure the web site has a secured checkout process. When you get to the pages that will require your personal information, look for a lock graphic  . In your browser you’ll see “https”, instead of “http”. If you don’t see both, then your information isn’t encrypted and is not safe. Getting a secured web site requires a security certificate. Getting a security certificate requires verification of the company's credit and identity. Don’t trust any graphics or text on the web site saying the web site is safe, you’ll know when you get to the checkout page and see the “https” in your browser.

2. Unrealistic claims.
We see web sites advertising “Italian” suits online for as low as $99-$199. This is their every day low price, not a product that is marked down.
Simply put, it’s impossible to sell an Italian suit for $99-$199, unless the retailer is losing money on each sale. What really is going on is these web sites are selling Chinese-made suits, not Italian. They get them into the United States and re-tag the sleeve tags with “Made in Italy”. 
As the old saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.".

A way to ensure you are buying a real Italian suit is to look in the breast pocket and see the content tag. On the content tag you will see “Made in Italy”. If you don’t see any place of origin, then it is made in China or Korea. By law, a company must reveal on each product page of a web site if a product is “Imported” or made in the USA. They also must reveal the fabric content on each product.

3. Misspellings and confusing product listings.
Of course, we all make spelling errors and mistakes. Even with us, we’ve been known to have misspellings and errors. But if you see a tremendous amount of errors and misspellings, then you are probably dealing with someone who is putting up web pages in a hurry so they can hurry up and make money. This usually indicates they may be trying to scam customers out of money. Any reputable company will spell check and make sure their product listings are clear and concise. They will also try to give enough information so that the customer understands what they are buying.

4. No new products.
Does the web site have a “new arrivals” or ‘new products” page? Without a new products page, you can probably guess the web site isn’t active and isn’t being updated. 

5. Who am I really buying from?
Web site domain registrations are basically public information.  Just look it up with here:   and type in the domain name.   You will see exactly who you are dealing with and, most importantly, if they have a secured site.  Look for "SSL Cert".  If it says "no valid SSL", then it is not a secured site.  


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